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July, 2022

My latest dev project is online at—Power to the Creator. Welcome to your new favorite art portal.

We provide artist profile pages and a state-of-the-art submission platform for creators that are looking for quality and simplicity.

October, 2021

I just launched a successful NFT collection on the Singular marketplace.

Dalmatian Nation—where dog lovers go to find their spirit animal.

December, 2020

The Krister Axel Catalog is Now Available on Audius

Check it out! Free audio streams for everyone. :)

May, 2020

Hello, my name is Krister.

Hi, my name is Krister Axel. I am a roots-rock veteran of the indie music scene, and I have a degree in Poetry. I am a published lyricist, composer, and songwriter. I am also a software engineer. When my last tech contract expired, I decided to start a blog and see what might happen. Many artists and song features later, I have found a niche bringing a unique writing style together with a passion for elevating music and musicians from around the world - some that are already established, and some that are just starting out. My own songs are licensed exclusively through VisionWorks Music.

April, 2020

Krister Axel - Pretty Lies

Check out this song I wrote as a fantasy duet with Frazey Ford. I sang it all myself for this version, but it was written to be a trade-off duet from verse to verse. The theme here is the love that you can't walk away from, despite your best efforts.

Produced by Tyler Fortier, with contributions from Tyler Fortier, Erin Fortier, Jeramy Burchett, Philippe Bronchtein, and Ehren Ebbage. Add this song on Spotify, Google Play, or Apple Music with this link.

December, 2017

That Time I Wrote Lyrics
for Basil Poledouris

I love writing lyrics. My good friend Zoë Renée Roché was working on an update for the theme to Lonesome Dove, written by her father, and I happened to be in Los Angeles at the time. I was staying at the Georgian hotel, it was a perfect day, and in about an hour I had written 2 verses and a pre-chorus. Read the lyrics here.