Lavinia, Lavinia, Lavinia, Howsoever Beatest Thine Heart Among the Divinities Shall Ye Be Remembered, Lavinia

I thought to buy you a trinket
to express the warmth in my heart for you.
Some small token that might find a home
next to your bed.
There were toys, lawn-gnomes
and rocking chairs
swaying in the cold April wind.
This life falls short of you
in my fleeting paradise beneath the spotlight
I remain incomplete. There is more
to my dream than was planned
I did not mean to love you
without my kingdom in place
I have no control.
Not over this grey morning
or the way the sun shines
not over my heart
which knows only your name
I found nothing to offer you but myself
and this handful of rain
tears from the Kansas City sky
symbols of a love

Episode 6 is ready!

We had a bit of a crisis last week, but it all worked out. We lost our natural gas pressure for 5 days, which meant no hot showers, no cooking, and no heat. Everything is back to normal now, and I had time to put this episode together. Genre spotlight: Roots.

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