more Spotify love please

Hello friends! I have been spending a lot of time working on Spotify playlists, and I would appreciate some help. If you are on Spotify, please take a look at my user account (link here).

Apparently, the biggest thing you can do to support a Spotify 'playlister' is to copy a song from a playlist you support to your personal library. I have two playlists that are based around artist discovery from 2010-present in the Los Angeles scene; primarily artists that were part of the Hotel Cafe / Room 5 circuit. 

 click the graphic to visit this Spotify playlist.

click the graphic to visit this Spotify playlist.

If you see anything that looks good to you please just sign in to Spotify and copy it to your library. Takes 10 seconds.

some good news lately

It's a messy business promoting music, but sometimes things start lining up a bit in your favor. This last week has brought me a lot of good news.

but that's not all. American Tracks Music Awards does seem to offer some good opportunities for exposure, but we also have 2 nominations in the older and more legit International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

And there are quite a few more submissions moving through the process with other organizations. Different songs seem to resonate with different folks, which is fine by me. So far:

  1. American Tracks Music Awards - December 2017 - Best Independent Artist (selection: Go My Way)
  2. American Tracks Music Awards - December 2017 - Best American Song (selection: Someday)
  3. International Songwriting Competition - 2017 Unpublished (selection: Follow the Light)
  4. International Songwriting Competition - 2017 Unsigned (selection: Seeing Stars)

This should turn out to be a great year for the music in and of my life. Thank you.