Happy November

Hello, and happy November. It has been quite a few months for me.

Some of you may have heard here and there that I'm super busy, I've been working non-stop since August. I had a few posts about what has been going on, and frankly the details are not super interesting and perhaps I am not at liberty to fully share, but the short of it is that we had some technical debt that needed to be paid and I went ahead and did it. I refactored an 8 year old code base in 3 months. That is an order of magnitude of roughly 4. What?

Yes, I said it. If I was x amount of programmer 8 years ago, I am roughly x^4 of programmer now. That's insane.

Luckily, I was able to make a very compelling case to my employer that I am irreplaceable. It feels really good to know that my contribution is valued. I have worked really hard for years now and it feels today like it finally paid off. I live and breath this stuff, and I know our whole system in and out. Those of you in tech know how valuable that is. Some of this business knowledge lives mostly in my brain.

Anyway, today is a good day. My hard work has paid off and it just goes to show - good things come to people who work their ass off even when they're not sure if anyone notices.

Eventually, someone will notice.