Haggan Fail

So it all started with an attempted merger

Supermarket chains Albertsons and Safeway SWY.N agreed to sell 168 stores in eight states to win U.S. antitrust approval for their $9.2 billion merger.

And that's when our little party was over. One of those 168 stores to be sold was the local Ashland Safeway on Siskiyou. And Haggen moved in.

What is a total mystery to me is how anyone can take Haggen seriously. Their tag line is: "Northwest Fresh". What? Are they serious? They must mean fresh as opposed to organic.

I’m sorry, it’s not organic, but it is fresh. And by fresh, what we really mean is that it was freshly offloaded from a truck.

I mean, really. Fewer organic vegetables, at much higher price points. Pretty much no organic meat at all. They have a deli, but "no hot sandwiches". No organic deli choices, meat cheese or otherwise. I could go on. I have heard from a few different shoppers that they are just completely frustrated. One woman who was 93 years old said she is glad she can still drive, because she goes to the Safeway in Medford and "saves $40 every time". Sadly, she mentioned friends of hers who are no longer very mobile and can only walk to Haggen because it is pretty much the only option for about a half mile around. That's a lot of distance when you are retired. Not everyone can walk all the way to the coop.

My favorite paradox of theirs is that they sell homemade cookies made with 'real eggs and milk!'. Of course that's true, but they also use high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener. They have to know what a deal breaker that is for the Ashland demographic

And if you walk by, pretty much any time of day, it looks a bit light on visitors.

Anyway, I don't wish them ill at all. I just hate that all we have are inferior options now and we are paying more for the privilege. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Safeway. They were doing it right. We bought their organic chicken all the time. #sad