On stage at the Brickroom in Ashland

I met the lovely and talented Anne-Marie Sanderson tonight who was on the bill with me at Brickroom. She put on a great show and she was fun to talk to. Her husband was cool too. She was nice enough to take this shot of me on stage which is great because it's the only one I got!

Honestly, I was trying to get there early but I couldn't walk because I needed my keyboard and my guitar, so I drove but the parking was very difficult and I ended up on Granite street and had to do 2 trips with the gear so in the end I only just got on stage on time. Mental note - even on a Tuesday, plan on a tough parking situation downtown.

Brickroom is doing this Tuesday Night songwriter thing and I think it is great. I'm hoping I can go back sometime again later this year. They took good care of us and I like to see local clubs encouraging local songwriters. Thanks Evan and Eli!