oh man upgrades are the worst

Really. Sometimes progress just thunks you on the head. I have been supporting this Rails 2.3.x project for about 8 years now and this weekend looks like the one where I upgrade my Ruby version, finally, from 1.8.7 to 2.0.0 because our new host doesn't even support 1.8.7 OR 1.9.3. I had to jump two upgrades. Damn.

The good news is that because I have always been stingy about using gems for anything my upgrade path looks pretty seamless so far. If I can pull this off I will be very proud. Finally getting onto continuous integration. I am leaving the rails version alone though. A framework update might actually kill us. So I'm looking at Rails LTS. And if I can get us on Ruby 2.0.0 we will be current again. For 2 years I've wanted to move to EngineYard, and now we are here. I've got a lot of work to do and I am thrilled.

Here are some links that were helpful:

linux brew

upgrading Ruby


and of course, rvm gemsets. Seriously, thank you.

UPDATE: actually, the Rails 2.3.x launch failed. Utterly. This is what happened with the old stack too - it's always the app servers that go. The support just falls off the edge of the world and the Rails platform just has to upgrade. It has to. In this case it was nginx that now needs to play nice with unicorn. So I'm going to 3.2.22 now. Yes, my workload just doubled. Yes, I have about 60 different form_for_remote and link_to_remote and :update => "some_id" calls that have to change. But I needed to clean house on my javascript libraries anyway.