there goes August

Well, that was fast. I haven't had much time lately to write. Here's a recap:

It's been smoky in Ashland because forest fires;

I'm sort of excited for Fall;

We have another baby on the way (a boy!);

And I'm still working around the clock to get running on EngineYard. We were just in Big Sur over the weekend for a wedding, and honestly it was amazing.

We got to see all of our old friends from LA and it was a blast. I even said hi to Katy Perry who was very sweet and spoke to me a bit. And then I was able to play a few songs for her on the piano by the bonfire.

Garrison Starr was there, and Ray Don, Joel Eckels, Jay Nash, Joe Purdy, and of course the amazing Chris Pierce, all of whom played a song or two.

I played my new song Never Say Goodbye, which I wrote for my two friends getting married, and then Southern Girl. As far as I can tell, Katy sat down at the bonfire somewhere during my first song, and I saw her listening as I finished up the second one. I even got to play another song after Jay Nash but I don't think she was there anymore at that point. Which is a bummer because I played Georgia Rain and it was my best song of the night.

Anyway, what an epic night. Thanks to Ngoc and Matt for putting on the most amazing wedding ever. Just perfect attention to detail and the site was gorgeous. They are a beautiful couple and I wish them all the best.