a band on the way

Ever since I got to Ashland I have wanted to start up a band again. I think it's very much time for me to get back to playing in a band. This is the perfect place to make a connection with the right group of musicians and just start making it happen. When I was in LA, every musician I played with was also in a lot of other bands. different people would always be going on tour with some other band and you could never find any sort of continuity. I'm sure there are plenty of band-hoppers around here too, because when it's your main source of income you have to do whatever it takes. But when it is a little more casual most people just want one thing. And that's me for sure.

So these are the first songs were are going to do. Here's to hoping it all works and makes sense and we can just start learning songs and finding parts and working it out. I miss playing live.

soundcloud link expired come visit us on ReverbNation instead.