Club 66 on Friday

It begins. We have had a few shows now as a three-piece, but on Friday will be the first time we perform songs from The River South EP with vocals from Jinnee and Ann. We had a practice yesterday which I think sounded very good. I am excited to finally hear it all come together.

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It turned out a bit different from what I had in mind but it was still a solid performance. The lineup got shifted around last minute, and I had to fight for our set time, but I suppose that might be the new normal for a minute here until we create a bigger fan base.

We are happy to be performing and I think we are well on the way to crafting a set of music that we can all be proud of.

I am a perfectionist so I'll probably never be totally satisfied with our sound but as the gigs keep rolling in I know we are going to keep making sweet melodies. :)

I had a recording rolling but I set the input too hot so it's not really listenable. That might be just as well. We have a follow up release coming soon so I need to focus on that.