Introducing CHILLFILTR

I've been pretty busy lately. Ever since February, I've been trying to decide what to do professionally, now that I am moving to part-time work and full-time parenting.

I had just released the latest from The River South, and I was doing promotion for it, and I stumbled back across the SubmitHub site I had used to promote the debut EP. It's funny how a difference in perspective can dramatically shift the conclusion; the last time I had just logged in, bought some credits, threw them around, and crossed my fingers; this time I felt very strongly that I was on the wrong side of the equation, and that the long cold road of personal promotion is just not for me. I hate rejection - I deal with it, but at great hardship; and it's just a money pit until you land a big fish and even the little ones aren't biting much anymore. I can say that because I've done this for 20 years, I have 6 full length albums on Spotify, I have way less to prove than someone starting out.

And of course, the genre which is my comfort zone is dying a slow death; I saw a cause that I could fight for, which is that roots music needs nourishment from someone and I don't think Americana is enough. It's related, but not enough.

So I built a music blog with the purpose of giving roots musicians an outlet that understands them, and PR agencies an outlet that will promote them at the same time I am proving to the world that there is still a large market for 'traditional' things like real drummers, full takes, and cerebral songcraft.

I have a good core message, a whole lot of inspiration and more concrete validation from the experience so far than I think I have ever had at the beginning of any of my projects. With any luck this will be the one that sticks.

So stop by, have a look, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or RSS for daily updates.