The new future

It's official: I am going back to being a full-time breadwinner; so my focus has to be back on making money, and although I plan on continuing the music blog, I will have to be splitting my time now between blogging and other things that are more lucrative financially. I'd love to just write about music for a living, but right now it's only pulling in about 20% of the money I need every month to keep this family afloat. I will be rolling out other avenues for monetization, and plan to build out a web application to both use as a showcase for new tech clients and as web service for promotional purposes. I have long wanted to build a Twitter bot, and pull in all this awesome CHILLFILTR metric data to create some Business Intelligence. Fun.

I hope y'all had a great summer! If you know anyone that needs contract or full-time work for Ruby, SQL, or any kind of cloud BI, hit me up on LinkedIn. We are open to relocating anywhere around San Francisco.