Oberons Tavern with PBR

Patrolled By Radar, that is. My friends Jay and Bosco stopped by Oberon's this past weekend on their west coast tour, and were kind enough to ask yours truly to sit in. I was planning on playing the piano they have there, but at the last minute decided it might be nice to bring my accordion instead.

Sitting in with Patrolled By Radar at Oberon's Tavern.

Sitting in with Patrolled By Radar at Oberon's Tavern.

We played many of Jay's original songs, some Rolling Stones, a lil' bit of Hank Williams, and it was really nice. It's been a few years since I was able to sit in with these guys and it felt just like old times. No complaints here. There were always the only band I ever sat in with that didn't need to practice with me. Bosco gives me the key signature just before we start, warns me on any changes that aren't obvious, and that's it. Some of the songs I just remember from years ago, some I've never heard before. I just listen until I have a feel for the arrangement, and normally by the second verse I'm ready to jump in. I love doing shows that way. It keeps everything fresh.

Oberon's is a fun place. Small enough to fill up easily, good beers on tap, and a slight renaissance vibe. What's not to love?

I plan on stopping by for an open mic on Monday. I have some new songs I need to get all shined up.